What Every Rhinologist Needs to Know About Coding, Quality Measures and the Financial Impact of CRS and What is Coming Down the Road…

July 21, 2017 ARSSSS2017, Michael Setzen
Watch the 6th Annual ARS Summer Sinus Symposium from July 14-16.Register now to watch the symposium live from your office or home. This is a superb meeting and for all general otolaryngologists who see patients with nasal and sinus disorders.
The ARS Summer Sinus Symposium in Washington, DC promises to be an exciting, highly educational program that brings together interested otolaryngologists in one forum to discuss all aspects of rhinology and the impact these issues have on patient care in your practice. National leaders in rhinology will lead discussions of pertinent clinical issues that affect all otolaryngologists practicing rhinology.The stream will be live from July 14-16.