What is GlobalCastMD? 2017 Edition

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GlobalCastMD exists to create a low-cost of participation, virtual platform where medical professionals can attend world class medical educational symposia from the comfort of their own home or office and for a fraction of the cost of a live show.  Industry can support CME events unadulterated by their input,  reach docs through product launches filled with their insight, gain valuable insight of new trends and teach docs their innovations.  All of this at a fraction of the cost of a conventional meeting.

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A couple of hours ago this convention floor was packed. Well maybe not so much packed but it was pretty busy. Well not exactly busy handfuls of people walked by but there wasn't much interaction. Where is everybody? The truth is, these conventions and training events have become far too numerous and far too expensive for doctors to attend every single one. Why spend tons of money on a booth or a sponsored training event when the doctors are shying away from the hard sell and avoiding reps...leaving you with soft leads. Not a great return on your investment. You need to effectively reach a broader audience you want to bring doctors together all while keeping costs down so you try hosting some webinars, and people show up. Well they show up but that doesn't mean they're focused on you or your products. The webinars don't allow for any interaction between the presenter and the viewer plus, webinars are, well, boring. Sure you're saving some money but you're not actively reaching the physicians you want to connect with. With GlobalCastMD you can. GlobalCastMD is an engaging interactive online experience that connects physicians, sponsors, hospitals, field experts, and even patients from all over the world communication on GlobalCastMD is a three way street. Presenters talk to physicians, physicians talk back to the presenters and the physicians can even discuss with each other. Attending a webinar was like sitting in a virtual lecture hall. GlobalCastMD puts the viewer in the middle of a medical roundtable. See for yourself. With entertaining engaging high quality productions that are hosted by key opinion leaders, GlobalCastMD has become a more effective way for sponsors to reach a global audience, make stronger contacts, generate better leads, accumulate more reliable data, and gather far more information about physicians than they would at a trade show. Plus, it lowers costs for all parties involved. With GlobalCastMD's virtual exhibit hall, doctors can view products without the risk of being ambushed. GlobalCastMD events provide interaction with other doctors while allowing industry sponsors to participate or hold events as they relate to education, not overt product sales. Sponsors come away with real usable data from the attending physicians and unlike conventions, GlobalCastMD events can be revisited increasing the chance of future interaction between sponsor and physician.  So re-think the old ways of reaching physicians. It's time to improve medical education the same way products are improved, through innovation. GlobalCastMD improving education through innovation.