Lymphatic Anomalies

809 views March 26, 2018

This podcast is an interactive discussion about lymphatic malformations between Dr. Todd Ponsky,...

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JPS Hats Off!

261 views February 23, 2018

Hats Off: A Study of Different Operating Room Headgear Assessed by Environmental Quality...



263 views March 10, 2018


Surgical Outcomes in CRS

194 views March 10, 2018


Pediatric Trauma II: Solid Organ Injury

164 views May 22, 2018

This podcast is an interactive discussion about solid organ injury between Dr. Todd Ponsky, Dr....


Pediatric Ovarian Tumors Video Podcast

932 views March 05, 2018

An interactive discussion between Dr. Ponsky and Dr. Rescorla about the management of ovarian...

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Management of Retained Central Venous Catheters

120 views April 10, 2019

Ian Glenn and Todd Ponsky discuss the management of retained central venous canulas.

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Do we need Bowel Prep

93 views April 10, 2019

Ian Glenn gives a review of the literature to answer the question of whether or not we need bowel...

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Too Much Variability in Opioid Prescriptions for...

115 views April 05, 2019

Do you routinely give your pediatric patients narcotics after a laparoscopic appendectomy for...


Role of Research and Data Management on Quality Improvement

21 views April 03, 2019

Brycen Ferrara, BS, CRC II, and Tara Schafer-Kalkhoff, MA, CRC IV, discuss the role of the...


Updates, Cases, and Perspectives on Male and Female...

16 views April 04, 2019

Andrew Strine, MD, discusses Fertility preservation in pediatric and AYA males. Julie Sroga-Rios,...


Funding a Fertility Preservation Program

14 views April 04, 2019

Scott Byington, Senior Business Director of Gynecology, and Lesley Breech, MD, Director -...


Building an Oncofertility Program Full Panel Q&A

20 views April 04, 2019

Olivia Jaworek Frias, MSN, RN III, CNL; Karen Burns, MD, MS; Julie Sroga-Rios, MD; Andrew Strine,...


Importance of the Oncologist and Fertility Navigator

14 views April 08, 2019

Karen Burns, MD, MS, reviews the Importance of the Oncologist within the Fertility Care and...