The Full Story on CPAMs

826 views September 15, 2021

Here we cover Congenital Pulmonary Airway Malformations (CPAMs) through a story with the help of...


Stay Current Throwbacks Necrotizing Enterocolitis with...

26 views May 17, 2022

Today is #NECday so we went back to a conversation between Dr. Todd Ponsky and Dr. Gail Besner...

Pediatric Surgery

QUAD Conference Commercial

16 views May 02, 2022

Join us at the Aerodigestive QUAD Conference event from October 10th - 14th in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Pediatric Surgery

Thymic Sling

34 views May 10, 2022

The steps for a Thymic Sling procedure are difficult to understand and sometimes more difficult...

Pediatric Surgery

APSA - A contrast challenge is safe in children with...

26 views April 29, 2022

Listen to Nathan Rubalcava gave his presentation of "A contrast challenge is safe in children...


IPEG Best of the Best Winner

74 views April 28, 2022

The IPEG winner at the Best of the Best in Pediatric Surgery event on April 8th, 2022 was Caressa...


Update Course Rewind: Pediatric Colorectal Consortium 2021

87 views April 27, 2022

Did you miss the Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Learning Consortium session from our 2021...



43 views April 27, 2022

EUPSA eUROGEN joint webinar Thomas Boemers (Cologne Germany) Ivo de Blaauw and Wout...

Pediatric Surgery

EUPSA Best of the Best Winner

53 views April 25, 2022

The EUPSA winner at the Best of the Best in Pediatric Surgery event on April 8th, 2022 was Maja...


Journal of Pediatric Surgery Article Review: March 2022

148 views April 25, 2022

We're back with the March issue of JPS article highlights. This time we're talking to editor...

Pediatric Surgery

Best of the Best APSA Winner

109 views April 22, 2022

The APSA winner at the Best of the Best in Pediatric Surgery event on April 8th, 2022 was Nathan...

StayCurrent Forums

StayCurrent Forums - Public Health Education

30 views April 21, 2022

Rod Gerardo, CCHMC Research Fellow and Brittany Levy, CCHMC Research Fellow, talk about the...


Pediatric Tracheotomy with Dr. Michael Rutter

37 views April 20, 2022

Deciding when to perform a tracheotomy and when another procedure is indicated is only the tip of...


Umbilical Pathologies Bonus Episode

112 views April 19, 2022

This is a "snack size" bonus episode of 'Peds Umbilical Pathologies in Brief: Presentation,...

StayCurrent Forums

StayCurrent Forums - Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

48 views April 14, 2022

Jeffrey Ponsky, Professor Emeritus of Surgery and Nathaniel Soper, Chairman of Surgery, go back...

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